Community Action, Inc.
Primarily Serving Clarion and Jefferson Counties, Pennsylvania
February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Did you know every year, approximately 1.5 million high school students nationwide experience physical and sexual abuse from a dating partner? Dating violence includes verbal, emotional, controlling behavior, cell phone, and online social media harassment. Have you talked to your children about dating violence? Community Action, Inc.'s Crossroads Project is raising awareness of teen dating violence and advocating to end the violence in Clearfield and Jefferson Counties. Teens or parents needing more information or someone to talk with can contact Crossroads confidentially 24/7. If your organization, school, or business would like to schedule a Teen Dating Violence presentation, please email [email protected] or contact the Crossroads’ office nearest you: Brookville 849-2779, Clearfield 768-7200, DuBois 371-1223, Punxsutawney 938-3580, or toll free 1-800-938-3998. Learn more and break the teen dating violence cycle in your community!

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Susan K. Fusco, Executive Director
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FROGGY 98 FM, Leader Vindicator, Mega Rock-WMKX, Punxsutawney Spirit (News Releases) & County Neighbors, The Brockway Mirror, The Brookville Mirror, The Clearfield Progress (News Release), The DuBois Courier Express/Tri-County Sunday, The Jeffersonian Democrat (News and PSA), WDSN-SUNNY 106 FM, WJAC TV, WPXZ & WECZ & KOOL 103.3, WTAJ TV