Community Action, Inc.
Primarily Serving Clarion and Jefferson Counties, Pennsylvania

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are normally held every other month; the public is welcome to attend. For specific meeting times or locations/online access contact: [email protected] or (814) 938-3302x221.

  • Thursday, May 19, 2022 - Board & Committee Meetings
December 2, 2021 Board and Committee meetings will be held via ZOOM teleconference. Please contact [email protected] for ZOOM connection information if you would like to attend.

Board of Directors

Director County
Mayor Richard J. Alexander Jefferson
Ms. Lori Brown Clarion
Mr. Granville E. Carter Jefferson
Sharon R. Corbett Jefferson
Senator Cris E. Dush Jefferson
Ms. Katelyn Hendrickson Jefferson
Senator Scott E. Hutchinson Clarion
Ms. Pamela M. Johnson Clarion
Ms. Helen L. Newman Jefferson
Commissioner Scott E. North Jefferson
Representative Donna R. Oberlander Clarion
Ms. Amy L. Ortz Clarion
Janine C. Strohm Jefferson
Commissioner Ted Tharan Clarion
Ms. Renee M. Vowinckel Clarion
Mr. Ronald J. Wilshire Clarion