Community Action, Inc.
Primarily Serving Clarion and Jefferson Counties, Pennsylvania

Weatherization Assistance Program

Project Description

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) reduces household energy costs by increasing energy efficiency and improving the health and safety of each resident.

Benefits of a Weatherized Home:

  • Lower electric, fuel, and water bills. Save an average of $283/year.
  • Improved health and safety. Unsafe conditions are identified and eliminated.
  • Weatherization is a cost-effective investment of taxpayer dollars. For every $1 invested in the Program, Weatherization returns $4.10 to the household and society.

Weatherization Process:

  1. Contact Community Action, Inc. to complete an application. Please note: there may be a waiting list to receive services.
  2. Once the application is complete, an Auditor visits your home and completes the assessment to determine if the home is eligible for weatherization services. The Auditor will provide energy and safety education during the visit.
  3. If the home is eligible for weatherization services, the Auditor creates a work order for the installation of weatherization materials such as attic or wall insulation; door weather stripping and sweeps; caulk/foam for air sealing; smoke alarms; and carbon monoxide alarms.
  4. Weatherization installers will then contact you to schedule an appointment to install the materials.
  5. Following the installation of the materials, the work is inspected to ensure everything was done correctly.

Changing the Way You Use Energy Can Save Even More:

  • Turn off and unplug appliances when not in use
  • Line dry clothes when possible
  • Open drapes on sunny days and close drapes on cold windy days
  • Wash full loads of clothes in cold water
  • Use a microwave to cook and reheat
  • Set thermostats back at night or when away from home for extended periods of time

The main goal of Weatherization is to reduce energy usage and save you money!

Eligibility Requirements

  • Resident of Clarion, Indiana, or Jefferson County
  • Homeowner or renter
  • Meet income guidelines (200% of Federal Poverty Income Guidelines)
  • Home must be determined eligible to receive services (a Weatherization Auditor makes this determination after a home assessment is complete)

Serving the following counties:
Clarion, Jefferson