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Medical Assistance Transportation Program

Project Description

The Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP) provides non-emergency transportation services to Medical Assistance (MA) recipients to MA covered services within MATP's service area and schedule.

This includes transportation services to and/or from a medical facility, physician’s office, dentist’s office, hospital, pharmacy, or purveyor of medical equipment for the purpose of receiving medical treatment, medical evaluation, or purchasing prescription drugs or medical equipment.

An escort may accompany an individual if:

  • The individual is a minor
  • The individual is physically or mentally incapable of traveling alone
  • The individual does not speak English

Transportation services include:

  • Fixed-route public transportation
  • Public transportation
  • Recipient travel reimbursement
  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's Shared Ride Program
  • Pre-arranged para transit services

Ineligible Services:

  • Ambulance transportation
  • Transportation to the emergency room/QCare/MedExpress
  • Transportation for non-medical services such as grocery shopping
  • Transportation for any service not covered by Medical Assistance
  • Transportation outside MATP's service area, schedule, or applicable closest provider
  • Transportation for trips of 1/4 mile or less

MATP determines which transportation mode is the least expensive and most appropriate available to meet the needs of each consumer.

Any individual whose request for services has been denied, reduced, or terminated will receive written notification and information on their right to request a Fair Hearing from the Department of Human Services.

Community Action, Inc. (CAI) will take reasonable steps to provide timely and meaningful free language access for limited English proficient individuals participating in MATP.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a permanent or temporary Jefferson County resident
  • Be a Medical Assistance recipient
  • Have an MATP eligible Medical Assistance code
  • Apply and be determined eligible for MATP service
  • Need non-emergency transportation service to get to and/or from Medical Assistance covered service

Serving the following counties:

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